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Catastrophe and survival in twentieth-century Europe
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HIS 212: Catastrophe and survival in twentieth-century Europe

Lecturer: Dr B. S. Bennett, email bennett@mopipi... [Click here for full email address]

  1. The age of catastrophe
  2. Recovery and Progress
  3. Strains in the post-war order
  4. Post-Cold War Europe
  5. Over-arching themes

Assessment: This course has no final examination. Instead, 50% of the total mark comes from a Special Topic Essay (50%). The questions for Special topic essays will be different for each student and require analysis of detail. They will be assessed in two stages: details will be given in class. The other 50% comes from CA including two main assignments.

Material online

See the H202 Index Page which links to various useful pages. (The semester courses HIS211 and HIS212 replace the old year-long course H202.) In particular, see

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