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How to get the correct UB email address

The late Tsutsi Molema protesting against junk email

On various pages in this site, we give staff members' email addresses. As you are no doubt aware, this can lead to email addresses being "harvested" by spammers.

To protect against this, it is desirable to give the email address in some form that the automatic collecting programs can't use. Sometimes you will see an address given as "someone@(NO SPAM)" - the idea being that a human reader will know to cut out the "(NO SPAM)".

In our case, we have simply cut off the end of addresses. Thus you will see the address "bennett@mopipi..." followed by a link to this page for explanation. The full address will be (name) I.e., for "mopipi", read "".

However, UB is currently (2020) in the process of replacing addresses with addresses. In general the username should be the same. Thus an address will now be .

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