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General principles

Most of us will have had the experience of wandering around a web-site looking for information which may or not be there. For example, on a University web-site, we might want to find a list of staff email addresses. Options offered might include "Academic", "Academic programs", "About the university", etc., and so we try one after the other. This can take some time when the connection is slow.

In the History web-site, we have tried to make things as easy as possible for the user by providing a unified Site Index. This lists every page in the site.

Using the Site Index

The key to navigating this site is the "Site Index" page, <>. This index page lists every page in the History web-site, with brief descriptions. It is arranged by folder. We suggest that, if you use this site regularly, you consider bookmarking the Site Index rather than the Home Page.

There are also some subsidiary index pages, such as the Botswana History Pages Index.

New options

As the site has grown, we have added some new ways to navigate, while keeping the basic emphasis on the Site Index. Index pages for particular sections have been created, such as the Introduction & index page to the Colonial Administration Pages. Also, we have recently added a "Contents Page" which attempts to group our main sections. Some users may find this an easier approach. We have tried to keep the site open to whatever form of access our readers find easiest - there is no reason why all our readers should use the same system, except to the level that maintaining more than one system would become time-consuming. Comments are welcome.

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