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These pages are designed to give background information on colonial administration in the Bechuanaland Protectorate, for general readers and for researchers using archival sources in and on Botswana.

Page 1 illustrates changes in colonial administration between 1891-92 and 1966. Pages 2 and 3 are essays on administrative development up to 1937. Page 4 is an essay on colonial intelligence. There is also a list of known colonial officers (in and over the B.P.) by district and date.

See also Brief History of Botswana.



For African Primary Sources/ National Archives see Africa Research Central Clearinghouse. The Botswana National Archives and other archives have guest-pages there. The Namibia National Archives has its own full web-site, with lots of pages (including a register of theses on Namibia) and links. Go for Colonial Office and for Dominions Office/ Commonwealth Relations Office records categories on the rather limited web-site of the Public Records Office (English National Archives) in London. Stanford University has a page on Colonial Office Confidential Print on Africa 1870-1922.

See also Colonial Zimbabwe: Selected Bibliography, and for current books in print see Amazon Books and browse for History, then Africa, then Southern, then Botswana - or go for "Imperial History" on Book Search.

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