University of Botswana History Department

Select Bibliography on the History of Botswana
(1997 version)

By Neil Parsons

NB: This version was replaced in January 2007 by an updated version. For the new version see the 2007 bibliography by Neil Parsons.

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This bibliography was prepared by Prof. Neil Parsons for students in the University of Botswana History Department taking the courses H301 (Philosophy of History and Research Methods) and H403 (Research Essay). (See information on courses offered by the History Department, and the index to H403 essays.)

Version: NP provisional version 6-iv-97


1. Bibliographies

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4. Works of fiction

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1. Bibliographies, Guides & Published Collections of Documents

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2. Books & Booklets

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4.Works of Fiction

Head, Bessie When Rain Clouds Gather New York: Simon & Schuster & London: Victor Gollancz 1969; Harmondsworth: Penguin Books 1970; London: Heinemann Educational Books (African Writers Series) 1972 [ also abridged by Margaret Tarner London: Heinemann Guided Readers 1989 67 pp; also Barulaganye Thedi as Fa Maru a Pula a Kakoana Gaborone: Heinemann Botswana 1991 76 pp]

Head, Bessie Maru London: Heinemann Educational Books (African Writers Series) 1971

Head, Bessie A Question of Power London: Heinemann Educational Books (African Writers Series) 1973

Head, Bessie The Collector of Treasures [short stories] London: Heinemann Educational Books (African Writers Series AWS 182) 1977

Head, Bessie A Bewitched Crossroad: an African Saga [historical novel on Bangwato c.1800-85] Craighall, Johannesburg: Ad Donker 1984. 198 pp.

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Merriweather, Alfred M. Desert Harvest Guildford & London: Lutterworth Press 1977. 92 pp.

Montserrat, Nicholas The Tribe that Lost its Head Pan Books 1959

Montserrat, Nicholas Richer than all His Tribe London: Pan Books 1970

Rush, Norman Whites [short stories] London: Paladin 1987

Rush, Norman Mating [novel] London: Paladin 1992

Schapera, Isaac "The native as letter writer" The Critic (Cape Town) vol.2 (1933) pp.20-28.

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5. Newspapers & Periodical Runs

Africa Confidential [Africa 1960-] London, vols.1-

Africa Contemporary Record, London, vols.1-(1968)

Africa Research Bulletin, London, vols.1-(1964-)

Bechuanaland Protectorate Government Newsletter, Press Statements & Press Flashes 1960-1965

Botswana Gazette

Botswana Guardian

Botswana Daily News (BDN) [title varies: otherwise Daily News/ Dikgang tsa Gompieno &c.] Gaborone, Jan.1965- )

The Examiner

Kutlwano (Mutual Understanding) vols.1- (1962-), Lobatse & Gaborone

Midweek Sun

Mmegi/ The Reporter

Newslink Africa

Okavango Observer

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6.Official Publications

Bechuanaland Protectorate:

1950: Report of the Judicial Enquiry re Seretse Khama of the Bamangwato Tribe (chair: Sir Walter Harragin) [published in Botswana Notes and Records vol.17 (1985) pp.53-63 & as pp.317-50 in J.D.Parson (ed.)

1963: Report of the Select Committee on Racial Discrimination. 2 vols.(Presented to Legislative Council Tues 19 Feb.1963)

1965: Bechuanaland: Report on Localisation by T.C.Luke

African Council Proceedings (Hansard): 1960 -1964.

African Advisory Council Proceedings (Hansard): 1920-60:

European Advisory Council Proceedings (Hansard): 1921-60

Hansards (Verbatim Reports of Parliamentary Proceedings):

Legislative Council (LEGCO) 1961-65 ; Legislative Assembly 1965- 66

Joint Advisory Council Proceedings: 1952-60

Botswana, Republic of:

1973: Report of the Presidential Commission on Localisation and Training in the Botswana Civil Service

1977: Education for Kagisano: Report of the National Commission on Education (Chair: Torsten Husen) Gaborone: Ministry of Education 296 pp + annexes

Hansards (Verbatim Reports of Parliamentary Proceedings) National Assembly of Republic of Botswana 1966-

Great Britain (see also England, United Kingdom library indexes):

British Parliamentary Papers ('Blue Books' & 'White Papers'):

C.1748: vol.lx of 1877

C.2220: vol.lii of 1878

C.4588: Vol.lvii of 1884-85

Cmd.7913: 'Bechuanaland Protectorate: Succession to the Chieftainship of the Bamangwato'(March 1950) 7pp.

Cmd.8423: 'Bechuanaland Protectorate: Report of Observers on the attitude of the Bamangwato Tribe to the return of Tshekedi Khama to the Bamangwato Reserve' (Dec.1951)18pp [reprinted in Botswana Notes & Records vol.10 (1978)pp.137-38]

Cmd.8707: 'Basutoland, the Bechuanaland Protectorate and Swaziland: History of Discussions with the Union of South Africa 1909-1939' (Dec.1952)

Cmd.9580: 'Basutoland, the Bechuanaland Protectorate and Bechuanaland: Economic Development and Social Services' (Oct.1955)

Cmnd.2378: 'Bechuanaland Constitutional Proposals' (June 1964)

Cmnd.2929: 'Report of the Bechuanaland Independence Conference, 1966' (March 1966) [i.e. Marlborough House conference]

United Nations Organisation:

Security Council Official Records 32nd Year/1983rd Meeting (1977) pp.3-11; 1984th Meeting (1977) pp.1-17; 1985th Meeting (1977) pp.1- 22; Supplement for Jan.-March 1977 pp.24-25

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7 Unpublished Typescripts, Research Theses & Seminar Papers

Ettinger, Stephen Joel 'The Economics of the Customs Union between Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and South Africa' University of Michigan: Ph.D dissertation 1974. 377 pp.

Gossett, Charles William 'The Civil Service in Botswana: Personnel Policies in Comparative Perspective' Stanford University: P.D dissertation 1986

Gunderson, Gilfred Leroy 'Nation Building and the Administrative State: the Case of Botswana' University of California,Berkeley: Ph.D dissertation 1970. 479 pp

Kerven, Carole "Underdevelopment, Migration and Class Formation in the North-East District of Botswana" University of Toronto: Ph.D dissertation, 1977..

Khapoya, Vincent 'The Politics of Decision a Comparative Study of African Policies towards Liberation Movements in Southern and Colonized Africa' University of Denver, Colorado: Ph.D dissertation 1974

Lewis, D. "The Theory and Practice of Direct Foreign Investment in Less Developed Countries: a Study of Copper-Nickel Mining in Botswana" University of Cape Town: M.A. dissertation, 1974.

Massey, David Reid 'The Development of a Labour Reserve: the Impact of Labor Migration and Rural Development in Botswana' Boston University: Ph.D 1981. 320 pp.

Menz, Johannes Cornelius Nicolas 'Localization and Training in the Botswana Public Service 1966-1976' University of South Africa, Pretoria: Ph.D dissertation 1981.429 pp.

Mgadla, Part Themba 'Missionary and Colonial Education among the Bangwato: 1862 to 1948' Boston University: Ph.D dissertation 1986. 367 pp.

Okihiro, Gary Y."Hunters, Herders, Cultivators, and Traders: Interaction and Change in the Kgalagadi, Nineteenth Century" University of California at Los Angeles:Ph,D dissertation, 1976.

Parsons, Quentin Neil "Three Botswana Chiefs in Britain, 1895" University of Edinburgh: Diploma in African Studies dissertation, 1967.

Parsons, Quentin Neil 'Khama III, the Bamangwato and the British, with special reference to 1895-1923' University of Edinburgh: Ph.D dissertation 1973.

Peters, Margaret ".........." University of Cape Town: M.A. dissertation, 1947

Quarrington, Duncan "The Transfer Issue: Britain"s Relations with South Africa over the High Commission Territories 1948-61" University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies/ Institute of Commonwealth Studies : M.A. (Area Studies) dissertation, Sept.1992. 43 pp.

Ramsay, Frederick Jefress (Jnr.) "The Rise and Fall of the Bakwqena Dynasty:= of South-Central Botswana, 1820-1940" Boston University: Ph.D dissertation, 1991. 453 pp.

Tsie, Balefi "Industrialisation Policies and Regional Cooperation in Southern Africa: the Case of Botswana" University of Leeds: Ph.D dissertation, 1989.

Wylie, Diana Sands 'The Center Cannot Hold: the Decline of the Ngwato Chieftainship, 1926-50' Yale University: Ph.D dissertation 1985. 406 pp. [later published as A Little God]

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8. Archives & Libraries

Botswana National Archives

Killie-Campbell Museum, Durban Buchanan Papers

McGregor Memorial Museum, Kimberley Buchanan Papers

Namibia National Archives

National Archives of Zambia

National Archives of Zimbabwe

Potchefstroom University Library

South African National Archives Service: Cape Depot

Letters of Bechuanaland Crown Colony Government 1883-1896 (273 vols.) 1. Her Majesty's Commissioner's papers 2. Administrator's office 3. Chief Magistrate's court 4. Office of the Receiver & Accountant-General, Colonial Secretary & Receiver-General 5. Office of the Crown Prosecutor 6 Officer Commanding Bechuanaland Border Police 7. Office of the Post Master General 8. Registrar of Deeds 9. Director of Census 10. Officer in charge of Stores 11. Local Auditor 12. Government Engineer Officer, and Tender Board

South African National Archives Service: Pretoria Depot

University of Botswana Library

University of Cape Town African Studies Library:

G.E. Nettelton Papers J.C.Smuts Papers: Private Letters vol.93/108

University of Witwatersrand, Library

Ballinger Papers Dumbrell Papers South African Institute of Race Relations

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9. Films & Published (Audio & Video) Recordings

1967: 'Botswana' dir. Dick Raynor (Film Workshop, Salisbury, for Roan Selection Trust, Ndola) Colour film on Independence celebrations 1966

1968: 'Neighbour Nations' dir. Dick Raynor (Raynor Productions, Johannesburg, for Botswana Information Services, Gaborone) Colour film on visit of President Kaunda of Zambia to Botswana

1977: 'The Republic of Botswana Advances' (People's Republic of China, Beijing) Colour film on 10th anniversary celebrations 1976. English & Setswana language versions

1985: 'Sir Seretse Khama Speaks' (Department of Information & Broadcasting, Gaborone) Long-playing 12 inch record & tape cassette

1990: 'A Marriage of Inconvenience', dir. Michael Dutfield (Southern Televison, Maidstone, England). Colour video recording 2 x 55 mins drama-documentary.

1996 " Rhodes: the Life and Legend of Cecil Rhodes" dir.David Drury, written by Antony Thomas (Zenith Productions for BBC Great Britain, CBC Canada & SABC South Africa) Colour video recording 466 mins drama. (London: BBC Videos BBCV 5933)

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