University of Botswana History Department

University of Botswana History and Archaeology Student Research Projects:
Full List since 1977

This is an updated list of B.A. theses/research essays in History and Archaeology in the University of Botswana's Department of History, 1976-2008, arranged by year. See also previous list of research essays and MA theses, which goes up to 1998. This earlier list is extensively indexed.

For citation, note that the project started during the period of the breakup of the old federal University of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland (UBLS, based in Roma, Lesotho). On 20 October 1975 the Lesotho government nationalized the campus, establishing the National University of Lesotho. Botswana and Swaziland continued a University of Botswana and Swaziland from then until 1982, when the separate University of Botswana became fully independent. Thus for the first few years, the essays are cited as "UBS".

History/ Arch.YearAuthorTitle
History1976Bobeng, MThe Bangwato-Babirwa Conflict in the early nineteenth and late twentieth centuries
  Kooagile, T.ARelations between the Bakwena and the Bangwato c.1830-1890
  Kote, D.DRecruitment of mine labour in Botswana, 1899-1945
  Letsididi, B.M.SSome aspects of the career of Tshekedi Khama
  Mangole J.TThe Barolong Farms
  Mongatane, T.LBalete and the scramble
  Mosarwe, K.MThe history of Baseleka of eastern Botswana
  Mosothoane, PThe Batlokwa of Gaborone's search for a homeland
  Mtutuki, M.JThe Mwali cult in northern Botswana: some oral traditions c. 1893-1976
  Mzwinila, M.MThe Bakhurutshe of Tonota
  Nasha, MAspects of British administration in Bechuanaland Protectorate
  Nthobatsang, KThe colonial administration: a critique by Simon Ratshosa
  Phillips, H.YThe BagaSeleka barolong's search for a homeland
  Woto, A.P.SThe Tati District and the Scramble
History1977Mabena, O.CThe decline of the power of the Tswana chiefs, 1885-1934
  Maikano, B.MMicro study of economic imperialism in north-eastern Bechuanaland Protectorate
  Manungo, K.R.DThe role of the Native Advisory Council in the administration of the Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1919-1960. Published in Essays of Twentieth Century Botswana History
  Mhapha, GThe career of Chief Sebele I
  Mongwa, M.D.KThe political struggle between Baka-Nswazwi under John Madawo and the Bangwato under Tshekedi Khama, 1926-1932
  Mulale, D.MThe life and career of Dr. Kgalemang Tumediso Motsete
  Ramsden, F.LThe Basubia
  Sechele, G.KColonialism in north-eastern Bechuanaland: Bakhurutshe case, 1840-1950
  Sesinyi, AHistory and politics in the Caprivi Strip
  Tambula, S.BThe Sebele-Kgari dispute
  Tlhomelang, LBahurutshe boo-Manyana
History1978Dikole, S.RKgosi Isang Pilane's modernizing programme
  Dikole, WSekgoma Letsholathebe's rule and the British administration
  Hulela, M.MThe role of the European Advisory Council in the administration of the Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1920-1960
  Kwelagano, C.M.TThe history of Francistown to the 1960s
  Mannathoko, C.EKalanga politics in the context of nationalism in Botswana: a historical perspective
  Mgadla, P.T.RThe history of the town and area of Lobatse from pre-colonial time to 1965
  Molefi, R.K.KThe regency of Chieftainess Ntebogang of the Ngwaketse, 1924-1926
  Rampa J.BEuro-African reaction to incorporation: the Bechuanaland case, c. 1908-1940
  Sebolai, M.KA history of the socio-political changes in the conditions of the Masarwa (Bushmen) in the Bamangwato Reserve, c. 1700-1940
  Setlhare, F.TThe interaction between the Khurutshe, Ndebele, Kalanga and Ngwato during the ninetee nth century, and its subsequent effect on the Khurutshe of Tonota
  Tselaesele, B.MBakgatla ba-ga-Mmanaana
History1979Lubinda, I.SEthiopianism in Botswana
  Makaya, Ma-Lord. TThe Anglo-Boer War and its effect on the Bechuanaland Protectorate
  Masendu, KReligion and politics in Mapoka, with reference to surrounding areas, 1900-1975
  Monyatsi, P.PThe history of the Ndebele of Siviya Village, eastern Botswana to 1969
  Sekgoma, G.AHistory of Trade Unionism in Botswana, 1940s-1978: a Marxist-Leninist interpretation
  Tshambani, M.M.WThe Vapostori of Francistown: the study of an African Independent church from 1951 to present
History1980Chinganze, FThe political economy of Kgatleng, 1971-1920
  Kenosi, B.MFrom self-sufficiency to dependency: the econom,ic history of Kgatleng, 1871-1930
  Madisa, M.MRegiments as a tributary mode of production: the case of Kgatleng
  Mafu, D.The origins and growth of Oodi Village: a socio-political and economic analysis
  Manyeula, AThe place and changing roles of the kgotla and chieftaincy in the history of Bakgatla
  Mchaeli, C.MAn analysis of headmanship: the Ntshole of Morwa, 1896-1966
  Molotsi, P.PThe historical roots of agrarian underdevelopment in the Kgatleng, 1930-1970
  Monnatsie, P.P.IThe growth and spread of religious sects in Kgatleng: the case of the Zion Chritian Church Church (ZCC), 1933-1977
  Moswela, M.FPolitics in Kgatleng: parochialism versus nationalism
  Moyo, MThe development of capitalist trade and the impact of traders in Kgatleng
  Mpatane, M.KIsang Pilane and educational innovation in Kgatleng, 1920-1941
  Nkosana, B.MBakgatla/Bakalanga relations: politics of the integration of a minority
  Ramogwera, J.P.KThe role and survival of traditional medical practices in Kgatleng
  Richard, PBasarwa surbodination among the Bakgatla: the case of the Kgakole. Published in Essays on Twentieth Century Botswana History
History1981Chakalisa, P.PThe development and impact of western education in Kweneng, 1946-1966
  Lecha, M.DThe history of Francistown to the 1960s
  Leepile, M.AThe impact of migrant labour on the economy of Kweneng, 1940-1980
  Malambane, MThe role of the L.M.S in Kweneng: an aspect of missionary imperialism
  Mautle, T.GBakgalagadi-Bakwena relationship: a case of slavery, c. 1840-1930. Published in Botswana Notes and Records, 18 (1986), 19-31
  Mokopakgosi, BThe socio-economic and political impact of the Second World War on the Bakwena, 1939-1950. Published in Richard Rathbone & David Killingray (1986), eds. Africa in the Second World War London & Basingstoke: Macmillan, 160-180
  Molebatsi, C.OAgricultural transformation and the rise of Kulak farmers in Kweneng, 1939-1966
  Molotsi, K.A.MThe impact of colonialism on the institutions of chieftainship: the Kweneng case, 1885-1961
  Selepeng, O.STotemism and clans in the history of Kweneng
  Senabye, ?
  Tafa, E.MThe rise of conservative bourgeois nationalism: politics in Kweneng, 1945-1974
History1982Bitsang, M.CChiefs, the transfer [to the Union of South Africa] and administrative colonial control: Bechua naland Protectorate, 1930-1940
  Katsand, GThe evolution of the Bechuanaland Protectorate African civil service in a colonial context, c. 1895-1992
  Keineetse, D.MEuropean presence as a factor in the transformation of Botswana's political and social formations
  Kobokobo, K.ELabour migration and its economic impact on the north-east district: the case of Bakalanga 1870-1939
  Mafela, LColonial initiatives and African response to the establishment of the dairy industry in the Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1939-1966. Published in Essays of Twentieth Century Botswana History
  Maikano, G.KThe evolution of district administration in Botswana, 1900-1980
  Mbongwe, J.P.BThe colonial and post-independence urban development in Gaborone, 1887-1981
  Moamogwe, B.VRural conservatism versus nationalism in pre-independent Botswana: the Bechuanaland People's Party, 1960-1966
  Moerane, L.NThe role of the Legco in the formation of political parties in the Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1960-1965
  Molobe, E.NThe role of the Department of Agriculture in the promotion of arable farming in Botswana, 1935-1981
  Nthobatsang, S.M.OChiefs, aristocrats and cattle: the political economy of Gammangwato, 1926-1960
  Sabone, M.K.LThe Asian factor in the trade and rural production of colonial and modern Botswana, c. 1885-1980
  Slave, TThe history of colonial land policies: the Molopo case, 1895-1966
  Tsumake, P.SAgrarian underdevelopment in the South-East District of Botswana since the nineteenth century
History1983Hamandawana, HTrade and politics among the Kalanga in the nineteenth century
  Kebeilwe, K.PAcculturation in north-eastern Botswana: the Kaa of Sebina among Mengwe's Kalanga, 1800-1966
  Madikwe, M.MWestern education among the Kalanga of northern Ngwato District, -1966
  Marata, OAfrican traders in the North-Eastern District up to 1981: the rise and development of an African middle class
  Mogotsi, M.OFailure to reclaim lost land: the Khurutshe and British Tati company imperialism, 1890-1939
  Mupindu, J.ECreation of the Tati company and land alienation: a case of the North-East District of Botswana, 1888-1939
  Ndai-Paulos, IAgricultural production and exchange: the case of Central District Bukalanga area, c. 1890-1940. Published in Pula, Botswana Journal of African Studies, 3, 2(1983)
History1984Dube, P.OSettlement pattern as a dynamic process: the Sebina/Mathangwane area of north[ern] Central District of Botswana, 1895-1959
  Edzani, UEuropean cattle trade among Bakalanga: its nature and impact, 1890-1960
  Gadibolae, M.NSerfdom (bolata) in the Nata area, 1926-1960. Published in Botswana Notes and Records, 17(1985), 25-32
  Kebiditswe, K Surbodination and conflict in Ngamiland: the Bayei protest of 1948
  Letsatsi, R.BThe impact of labour migration on Botswana: a case study of Balete of Ramotswa, Bangwaketse of Kanye and Bakgatla of Mochudi, 1900-1970
  Manase, G.UThe politics of separation: the case of Ovaherero of Ngamiland. Published in Essays on Twentieth Century Botswana History
  Mbuya, T.MLegitimacy and succession in Tswana states: the case of Bakwena, 1930-1943. Published in Essays on Twentieth Century Botswana History
  Mosime, CThe impact of the Native Administration and Native Tribunals Proclamations of 1934 on the Ngwaketse state
  Ngwenya, B.CThe development of transport infrastructure in the Bechuanaland Protectorate 1885-1966. Published in Botswana Notes and Records, 16 (?)
  Pharo, SA history of the Ntombo Kalanga people (Baperi) up to 1966
  Phorano, GThe changing role of chieftainship, 1930-1950: the case of Bangwaketse
  Rametse, M.SAspects of subordination and bureaucratization of chieftainship: the case of Balete of Ramotswa
History1985Boikhutso, KThe life and times of Leatile Raditladi, 1910-1971
  Bulawa, HThe political, economic and social impact of the railway on Botswana, 1895-1970
  Gabasiane, OTshekedi Khama in exile 1949-1959: a study in the continuing influence of the former Regent Bangwato politics in particular and [on] the political life of the Bechuanaland Protectorate in general
  Gauthusi, S.LPre-colonial history of Bakalanga of Mengwe, c. 1800-c. 1885
  Keddy, BThe Mokgopoetsane coloureds and their response to cultural assimilation
  Koveya, C.A.SThe origin and development of Tatitown district of Francistown to the 1970s
  Molelu, G.BThe history of the Babirwa from pre-colonial times to early Ngwato rule, 1820-1926
  Mooko, TThe role of royal women in Bangwato politics under the regency of Tshekedi Khama, 1926-1949. Published in Essays in Twentieth Century Botswana History
  Morapedi, PThe political history of Baka-Nshakashokwe from pre-colonial times to 1956
  Mothudi, T.HThe history of the founding of Selebi Phikwe mining town
  Ngidi, G.SThe history of the Botswana Mine Workers Union (BMWU)
  Ramothibe, BThe history of the Joint Advisory Council in the administration of the Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1950-1966
History1986Gumbo, G.BThe demarcation of reserve boundaries in the Bechuanaland Protectorate
  Jorosi, N.BThe economic history of Tonota and periphery, c. 1913-1966
  Kooagile, GChief versus Chief's representative, Phetu Mphoeng and Sekgoma Kgama: an episode in the life of a district governor
  Moeng, B.E.MThe root cause of poverty among the Bakgalagadi in Kweneng West: exploitation and underdevelopment by the Bakwena, 1931-1966
  Pitso, G.MThe Indian community under the British administration, 1885-1966
  Sedimo, O.LBechuanaland Border Police, 1885-1895
Archaeol. Segobye, A.KPottery types and other forms of archaeological evidence in the reconstruction of Kgatleng History. Published as 'Southern Kgatleng Prehistory: an archaeological reconnaissance survey' in Botswana Notes and Records, 19 (1987), 45-56
History1987Gaborone, M.RThe Metlobo migrations: a question of religious intolerance among the Bangwaketse,1956-1966
  Kollagano, IImpact of white farmer settlers on Botswana society: a case of Lobatse block, 1904-1965
  Kuswani, N.E.TThe socio-economic and political effects of the Second World War on Bukalanga, 1939-1950
  Molemoeng, V.GThe evolution of a national newspaper: the case of Naledi Ya Botswana, 1944-1964
  Ojang, R.RThe impact of Christianity among the Balete of Ramotswa, 1935-1965
  Othusitse, T.OThe evolution of agricultural training in Botswana: a historical survey, 1934-1982
  Sekgwama, J.ZBabirwa-Bangwato relations, 1920-1966: politics of subordination
  Tube, PMaize production and marketing in Barolong Farms: the case of Ditlharapeng, 1947-1974
History1988Boy, V.MThe economic history of the Okavango Delta: the role of the state 1945 to present
  Charumbira, B.BSocio-economic development in the Bechuanaland protectorate (Botswana), 1945-1966
  Gabasiane, P.STshekedi Khama in exile 1949-1959: a study in the continuing influence of the former Regent on influence of Tshekedi Khama, 1958-1966
  Kebonang, B.BThe socio-economic and political history of the Herero of Mahalapye, Central District, 1922-1984
  Lekoba, KSorghum production and marketing in the Bechuanaland Protectorate: the case of Kgatleng and Ngwaketse reserves, 1939-1966
  Maruatona, T.LA historical analysis of the conditions of farm labourers in freehold farms: [the] case of Tuli Block, 1930-1975
History1989Dimpe, MBatswapong-babirwa relatrions: the politics of subordination and exploitation, 1895-1949
  Leepile, G.SThe trend of bogosi in Botswana: the case of Bangwato, 1949-1979
  Maine, MThe role and development of the Bechuanaland Protectorate Police force, 1966-1989
  Marumo, M.S.DThe socio-economic and political impact of the Second World War on the Bangwato, 1939-1945
  Molodi, MAn assessment and interpretation of the controversy between the British colonial government paramount chief Molefi Kgafela Pilane of Bakgatla-ba-ga-Kgafela, 1921-1958
  Mooketsi, RA reconstruction of the riverside villages of south-east Kgatleng
  Morapedi, W.GThe Boer trekker settlement in Ghanzi and its impact on indigenous people, 1895-1980
  Nyamupachitu, J.T.MBechuanaland Protectorate-Southern Rhodesia international border: its effects on the partitioned Ikalanga-speaking society
  Themba, A.GColonial Development Corporation and its socio-economic impact on Pandamatenga and surrounding areas
  Tsheboeng, P.ASouthern Rhodesia attempts to incorporate Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1889-1930
History1990Malete, L.JThe career of Kgosi Bathoen II (Seepapitso Gaseitsewe) of the Bangwaketse, 1908-1969
  Mbonini, B.KA history of Ba-ka-Masunga from c. 1890-1966
  Phuthego, GSerowe: a settlement history, 1902-1089
  Ramodisa, KA history of the cooperative movement with special reference to marketing cooperative societies: a case study of Kgatleng, 1964-1966
  Sechele, OThe history of the origin and settlement of the Ba-ka-Moroka on north-eastern Botswana
  Sethibe, S.TBechuanaland Protectorate African Teachers Association (later BTU): impact on the educational structure of the country, 1937-1977
  Thapelo, TThe life and career of Chief Bakwali Habangana of Mapoka village, 1930-1987
  Walebowa, G.GThe history of trade in the Boteti area, 1885-1975
History1991Eikemeier, K (Jnr.)The "good-fors" system and the intervention of the colonial state in the economy: the case of Bechuanaland Protectorate
  Kgosiemang, R.TIllegal border crossings: the evolution of Botswana immigration ppolicy
  Koeniges, JThe history of the establishment of Lobatse Town Council
  Kologwe, I.ALand-tenure, a changing phenomenon: a case study of Maitengwe village, 1970-1990
  Mogwe, GExperiences of Batswana women during the Second Worl War. Published in Essays in Twentieth Century Botswana History
  Mphothwe, RArable-pastoral conflicts in Kgatleng and their socio-economic impact, 1966-1989
  Mulale, KThe development of primary education in the Tati [District], 1900-1966
  Sennanyana, A.SA historical analysis of the origins, role and development of the House of Chiefs, 1961-1987
History1992Barei, G.BThe 1962-63 Bonewamang-Moruakgomo succession dispute and the installation of Sechele as compromise Kgosi of Bakwena
  Bayani, B.GThe political career of Philip Parcel Matante, 1948-1979
  Bolaane,M.MThe history of the Water Utilities Corporation (WUC), 1970-1990
  Kandapaera, KWar, flight, asylum: a brief history of the Ovambanderu of Ngamiland, Botswana, 1896-1961
  Kubanji, N.MThe impact if migrant laboour on Tutume sub-district: a case study of the villages of Sebina Tutume and Maitengwe, 1900-1950
  Montsho, OThe history of Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board, 1974-1985: a macro analysis
  Sanoto, RThe impact of the Zimbabwe liberation war on the Babirwa, 1970-1980
History1993Hosia, TA history of trade unionism in Botswana, 1940-1966
  Keakopa, S.MThe history of rural settlements in the Gantsi District: the case of West Hanahai, Kcagae and Groot Laagte, 1966-1992
  Makhiwa, GBa-ga-Malete of Gabane, 1892-1966: their resistance to Bakwena supremacy
  Molatole, T.VThe history of the Prisons Department, 1966-1990
  Thebele, W.WJ. Haskins and Sons' contribution to the growth of Francistown
History1994Dodzi, L.SThe Botswana-Indian question: a colonial legacy and its socio-economic and political impact in the years 1893-1993
  Kaotozu, K.KFrom subjugation to politics of collaboration: an introduction to the history of the Ovaherero of Tsabong, 1830-1870
  Lepekoane, P.MBakgalagadi in historical and ethno-archaeological perspective
  Lere, K.LA history of the Bakhurutshe of Boteti and Letlhakane
  Maposa, I.JHistory and impact of Dukwi refugee camp, 1978-1993
  Maswabi, D.LEvolution of saving and credit cooperatives in Botswana
  Mosetse, D.M.MA history of the colourd community in Bokspits village from 1900-1960
  Motlaloso, S.G.RClass and ethnicity in Ngamoiland: the case of the bayei, 1906-1990s
  Ngwako, O.NMaintaining an independent identity: the case of the Maunatlala Birwa relations with bangwato, 1820-1990
  Nzwaligwa, L.K.JDivine intelligence and ethnography of traditional religion in Bukalanga, north-eastern Botswana
  Scotch, K.KThe impact of the self-installation of Galani as priestess of the Mwali cult on the Mashanga, c. 1972-1992
Archaeol.1995Baeletsi, N.LCultural resource management in a developing country: problems and suggestions for Botswana
  Mbakile, L.SClassification and intepretation of stone-walled sites and related features in the vicinity of Ranaka
  Mokobi, V.K.MAn archaeological investigation of iron working in south-eastern Botswana
  Moroka, L.TCultural resource management and development in Kgatleng: the case of Modipe Hill site
  Nyirenda, B.LThe museum: its role and significance in cultural presentation in Botswana
  Segadika, PAn archaeological study of Mokape: a Middle Stone Age site in the Southern District
  Sekgarametso, PAn archaeological survey of Ntweng in Molepolole
History Bane, E.G.SFoot and mouth disease in Botswana: case study of Tswapong area, 1933-1993
  Kgakole, JThe career of Chief Molefi Kgafela Pilane of Bakgatla-ba-ga Kgafela at Mochudi, 1909-1958
  Malokoane, O.KThe establishment of Scottish Livingstone Memorial Hospital and its impact on the work of traditional doctors: a case study of Molepolole
  Moitoi, BA history of the Dutch Reformed Church in Mochudi
Archaeol.1996Baloi, L.M.DArchaeology and mud-wall decay in the Bobirwa area: an ethno-archaeological study
  Mathibidi, NLandscape history in Botswana: a study of the layout of settlement and spatial organization of Bangwato society at Old Palapye
  Mothelesi, G.MA district scale perspective on heritage management issues in Botswana
  Thebe, P.CAn archaeological study of pottery from Ntsweng, Molepolole
History Molebatsi, D.TThe economic history of Lobatse from the colonial period to 1980: an insight into underdevelopment
  Sebina, JThe arrival of the Seventh Day Adventist denomination in Kanye
  Stanley, B.HThe Otjiherero-speaking people of Gantsi: from wanderers to settlers, 1890s-1960s
Archaeol.1997Gopolang, S.MThe impact of Iron Age populations on Late Stone Age population: an archaeological survey of Thamaga area.
  Ndobochani, AA zoo-archaeological study of butchery practices at Ntsweng, Molepolole
  Nlebesi, A.NAn archaeological study of pottery from Toteng, Ngamiland
  Noko, O.JAn ethno-archaeological/ethno-historical study of midden formation with special reference to the kraal middens in and around the Serowe area
History Makgala, C.JThe role and development of the tribal police in Botswana, 1923-1973
  Maliehe, M.TThe role of youth movements in the history of Botswana, 1945-1986
  Matthys, L.M.SThe Batlharo and their relations with their neighbours, 1820-1966
  Modukanele, K.C.BTeacher trade unionism in Botswana: the development of splinter groups from the Botswana Teachers Union in the 1980s
  Monkge, M.CA history of Jwaneng Town Council, 1978-1988
  Poloko, N.P.SThe life and career of C.W Blackbeard, 1927-1988
  Selemogwe, P.A.KThe life and career of T.W. Motlhagodi, Mochudi
Archaeol.1998Matshetshe, K.LSalt production and salt trade in the Makgadikgadi pans
  Mokone, S.JCultural heritage tourism in Botswana [Kolobeng, Manyana, Kobokwe & Tsodilo]
  Moseki, A.S.OThe investigation of cementum development in modern cattle (Bos Taurus) teeth in Botswana
  Mothebe, S.LRepresentation of archaeology in education in Botswana
  Tapela, M.CAn archaeological investigation of Ostrich eggshell beads in Botswana
History Ditlhobolo, RThe socio-economic impacts of Pandamatenga Farms on Pandamatenga communities
  Gaborekwe, TThe role of the National Institute of Development and Documentation (N.I.R) in the development of Botswana
  Gabotlale, BThe resettlement of people from the Boteti river in the |Boteti sub-district, 1930-1966
  Moloi, J.PThe role of non-governmental organizations in the establishment of special education in Botswana: the case of Camphill Rankoromane Community Trust
  Phiri, LThe emergence of Serule Village
  Rathari, SThe life and career of Peter Simako Otlaadisang Mmusi
  Sedingwe, P.L.SThe history and development of the Scouts movement in Botswana, 1936-1986
  Thene, PThe evolution of Botswana's defence structures, 1885-1978
  Tutwane, L.B.BThe life and times of Dr. Knight Maripe
Archaeol.1999Baitseng, O.VArchitecture and the use of space in east/central Boteti, c. 1900-present
  Kgang, IActivities of European traders in Ngamiland: a view from historical archaeology
  Korae, LA study of architectural change at Ntweng and in Molepolole over the last 100 years
  Mooketsi, CButchery styles and the processing of cattle carcasses in Botswana
  Mosothwane, M.NAn ethnographic study of initiation schools among the Bakgatla-ba-ga Kgafela in Mochudi, 1874-1988
  Mosugelo, LAn investigation of animal butchery among the Bakgalagadi communities in Botswana
  Motsumi, OThe rock art of north eastern Botswana: the Tati river sites (Ntimbale locality
  Peter, BVitrified dung in archaeological contexts: an experimental study on the process of its formation in the Mosu and Bobirwa areas
  Samuel, J.JArchaeological survey of the Mosu area: settlement pattern in the Makgadikgadi from 800-1900 AD
History Jenamiso, DFoot and mouth disease in Botswana: a case study of the Tutume Sub-District, 1930-1980
  Lechani, A.NThe origins and dimensions of Kalanga nationalism from 1960s - present: a case study of North East and Tutume Sub-Districts
  Maphorisa, CThe socio-economic and political history of the Zionist village of Lentswe-Le-Moriti, 1953-1980
  Mooketsi, WThe life and career of Kgosi Kelemogile Seboko Mokgosi of balete, Ramotswa
Archaeol.2000Keitumetse, SSettlement pattern and landuse in Tlokweng
  Lulani, SA reconstruction of the cultural sequences in the Dikalate area
  Makgana, DArtefact density patterns on archaeological sites: a case study from Dikalate area
  Segadika, G.SThe landscape history of Mogoditshane village from 1900-1998
History Aaron, PThe impact of the boundary line on the chieftainship of the Barolong Boora Tshidi, 1850-1970
  Gaokgorwe, B.RBarolong boora-Tshidi: effects of a colonial boundary on their social, economic and political lives since 1884
  Gazangeni, KThe life and career of Obedi Itani Chilume, 1933-1998
  Itseng, MCoal mining in Botswana: the case of Morupule and Mmamabule Coal fields, 1950-1990
  Mabikwa, KImpacts of the Zimbabwe liberation war on the North East District of Botswana: a case of Ramokgwebana and Jackalas one villages
  Mmipi, OA social, political and economic history of Ba-ga-Malete of Gabane
  Motlamme, T.BA history of resource utilization in the Mosu area, 1945-1990
  Motsumi, MAn investigation of changes which occurred as a result of contact among Basarwa of Bodikwa
  Motswagae, S.MOrigins of the coloured community of Kumakwane and their economic survival- and relationships with Tswana groups particularly Bakwena of Molepolole
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