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The major dynastic periods in China

This table shows only the main dynasties etc., and omits details such as the northern rulers of China during the Song periods. Adapted from John King Fairbank, China: A New History (Cambridge, Massachusetts: Belknap/Harvard, 1992), p. 24.

Period Dates
Eastern Zhou 770 BC–256 BC
traditionally divided into
Spring and Autumn Period
Warring States Period
722 BC–476 BC
475 BC–221 BC

Qin 221 BC–206 BC
Western Han (Former Han) 206 BC–9 AD
Eastern Han (Later Han) 25 AD–220

Period of disunion: 220–589

Sui 589–618
Tang 618–907

Late: (Note: Song Dynasty sometimes included in “Middle” period)
Northern Song 960–1127
Southern Song 1127–1279
Yuan (Mongols) 1279–1368
Ming 1368–1644
Qing (Manchu) 1644–1911

Republic of China 1912–49
1949–: Taiwan only
People’s Republic of China 1949–present