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UB History Department

Electronic contact:

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Postal address:

History Department
University of Botswana
Private Bag UB 00703

For readers who are unfamiliar with the term, a "Private Bag" is rather like a P.O. Box. In Botswana there are both Private Bags and P.O.Boxes. So if you are given a number as P.O.Box 999, do not confuse this with Private Bag 999 (or vice versa). P.O. Box 999 and Private Bag 999 would be two different addresses. The abbreviation for "Private Bag" is "P/bag".

Note that "Gaborone" is sometimes abbreviated "Gabs" (see our page on place names and terminology). The "University of Botswana" is abbreviated "UB". Indeed even in speech "UB" may be as common as "the University".

The address of UB as a whole is

Private Bag 0022

and this may also be used for writing to departments (i.e. "History Department, University of Botswana, Private Bag 0022, Gaborone, Botswana"). Because this address is well-known locally, you will often see an address given as just "P/bag 0022, Gabs".

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The country code for Botswana is 267. There are no area codes (i.e. dial your code for international calls, then 267, then the Botswana number.)

UB telephone numbers work as follows. An extension can be direct-dialled from outside by dialing 355- followed by the extension number. E.g. for extension 6666, ring 355-6666.

The History Department office is ext. 5051, so from outside UB ring 355-5051.
The number for the Head of Department is ext. 5050; secretary is ext. 5051.
The number for the UB operator is 355-0000.

Time difference: Time in Botswana is GMT + 2 hours. There is no "Daylight Saving" or "Summer Time" in Botswana.

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University of Botswana Library

The OPAC can be accessed at <>.

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University of Botswana (other departments, etc. etc.)

See the main UB web-site at <>.

Email addresses:

The full email address in each case is
The reason the addresses are written in abbreviated form is that writing them in full makes the users vulnerable to computer-generated junk email. For a full explanation, please see our page on email addresses and junk email.

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