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Prof. M.M.M. Bolaane, D.S.E., B.Ed (UB), M.A. (London), D.Phil. (Oxford), bolaanem@mopipi... [Click here for full email address]

Prof. Bolaane is Director of the San Research Centre, and a former Head of the History Department.

Maitseo Bolaane graduated with Doctor of Philosophy (D. Phil) from the University of Oxford (2004). She is currently an Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities at the University of Botswana, teaching various courses in African history (including the understanding of China-Africa relations and China, Globalization Changing Power Relations). She has been involved with the University of Botswana - University of Tromsø Collaborative Programme for San Research and Capacity Building for some time. She is now Head of Department, History and serving as Director of the San Research Centre at the University of Botswana. She serves in the University of Botswana IRB Committee and for the past four years has been reviewing research various proposals (including some in the genomic studies and biomedical field) for ethics governance.

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