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The site is hosted by, located in Florida, U.S.A. The following information may be less than ideal.

The hosting system collects data when a page is accessed: the page, the IP address, the time, and the user's operating system and browser. This data is potentially identifiable. This raw data is periodically deleted after being analysed into statistics. The system places some cookies. We're not sure what they're for, but probably they are for seeing how many pages a given visitor goes to in one visit or something. We report statistics such as the number of visitors, popular pages, countries with most visitors but we don't try to identify visitors.

As far as we can tell the system is not using trackers. does not ask for emails etc. in order to use the site.

Any personal information we somehow acquired through the system (and so far we don't get any) would not be shared with anyone unless legally required.

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