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  1. Thurs September 18th, 1997, 7 pm
    KARIM SADR (UB Archaeology), 'The First Herders in Southern Africa' [the neolithic probably reached the southwestern Cape by diffusion not migration around 2000 years ago, followed by the arrival of Khoe people around 1000 years ago]
  2. Thurs September 25th, 1997, 7 pm:-VIDEO EVENING
    Cecil Rhodes, the Video - Kimberley and Zimbabwe Years
  3. Thurs October 2nd, 1997, 7 pm:
    ANDREW REID (UB Archaeology), Report on the Archaeology of Sowa Pan and Environs (1996 and 1997 Field Research)
  4. Thurs October 9th, 1997, 7 pm:
    CHRISTIAN MAKGALA (UB History), 'History of Local and Village Police in Botswana and India's Provinces of Bengal and Bihar'
  5. Thurs October 23rd, 1997, 7 pm:
    GEOFFREY BAREI (UB History), 'The Evolution of the Electoral Commission in Botswana: the Extent to which it has been Democratised 1966-1997'
  6. Thurs October 30th, 1997, 7 pm:
    JACQUES DEPELCHIN (Dem. Rep. of Congo) 'Silences in African History: Braudel and Lumumba, Towards a Decolonization of African History'
  7. Thurs November 6th, 1997, 1997, 7 pm:
    PAUL LANDAU (Yale University, Department of History), 'Narratives of the Spirit' [on the relationship between Western ideas of 'religion' and thoughts and practices in Botswana and South Africa]
  8. Thurs December 4th, 1997, 7 pm
    BRUCE BENNETT (UB History), 'Mogotsi's Goats' [a farewell dissertation* on early colonial law in Botswana and the relevance of European History to the study of African History]
    * See note below.
  9. Thurs January 22.1998,7 pm:
    VIDEO EVENING: video made by BA Hons students at University of Cape Town (submitted November 1997) on oral history of a Coloured (ex-Moravian) mission community in Clanwilliam District
  10. Thurs March 5th, 1998, 7 pm:
    Alfred TSHEBOENG (UB Archaeology), 'The Archaeology of Majande, Bobirwa'
  11. Thurs March 19, 1993, 7pm:
    Andrew REID (Archaeology UB), On the Toutswe Culture
  12. Thurs March 26, 1998, 7 pm:
    Nancy JACOBS (History, Brown University), 'Grasslands and Thickets: a Social History of Botanical Change' [in the southern Kalahari]
  13. Thurs April 2, 1998, 7 pm:
    Karim SADR (Archaeology UB),'Thamaga: the Late Stone Age and Iron Age context'
  14. Thurs April 9, 1998, 7pm:
    Philip SEGADIKA (Archaeology UB), On the Archaeology of Old Palapye and the Tswapong Hills
  15. Thurs April 16, 1998, 7 pm:
    Gina BUIJS (Anthropology, University of Venda), 'Venda divining dice: a possible San link'
  16. Thurs April 23, 1998, 7 pm:
    Themba MGADLA (History UB), 'Wives, Women, and Education: the Introduction of Literacy among the Batswana, 1847-1937'
  17. Thurs April 30, 1998, 7pm:
    Maitseo BOLAANE (History UB), 'The Past in the Present: History and Society of the Basarwa in Eastern Ngamiland'
  18. Thursday September 24th, 1998, 7 pm:
    CHRISTIAN JOHN MAKGALA (Selwyn College University of Cambridge), 'Inefficiency in Botswana's public service: the legacy of colonial indirect rule?'
  19. Thurs October 1st, 1998, 7pm:
    SVEN OUZMAN (National Museum Bloemfontein) & PAUL TA*ON (Australia), Rock Art Seminar
  20. Thursday October 22nd, 1998, 7 pm:
    BARRY MORTON (History, University of Natal, Durban)'On the spoor of Botswana nationalism: Moanaphuti R. Segolodi and the ideological vacuum in Botswana, 1894-1949'
  21. Thursday November 12th, 1998, 7pm:
    FIDELIS NKOMAZANA (Theology & Religious Studies University of Botswana) 'London Missionary Society church and state in colonial Bechuanaland: the case of Bangwato 1857-1923'
  22. Thursday November 19th, 1998, 7pm:
    NEIL PARSONS (History University of Botswana), 'Khama and the white man's liquor: an essay in selective collaboration and resistance' & Report on the 41st meeting of the African Studies Association, Chicago, 29th October-1st November 1998
  23. Thursday November 26th, 1998, 7pm
    MAITSEO BOLAANE (History, University of Botswana)'The role of foraging knowledge in wildlife conservation and tourism: the case of Khwai and Gidigwa' & Report on Tokyo conference on foragers, October 1998.
  24. Thursday May 20th, 1999, 1 pm:
    JAN-BART GEWALD (University of Cologne), 'Mbadamasi: a Soldier for King and Kaiser, 1880-1917' [Nigerian kidnapped into German army and sent to German South West Africa]


*Since giving this "farewell dissertation" and leaving, Dr Bennett has come back again. [Continue with list]

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