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(April 2006)
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[HISTORY DIVISION]:  ||  Prof. A.M.Kanduza  ||  Prof. P.T. Mgadla  ||  Prof. Q. N. Parsons  ||  Dr. B.T. Mokopakgosi  ||  Dr B.S. Bennett  ||  Dr. R.K.K. Molefi  ||  Dr. W.G.Morapedi  ||  Dr. M.M.Bolaane  ||  Mr. G.B.Barei  ||  Dr. C.J.Makgala  ||  Mr. G.B. Gumbo  || 
[ARCHAEOLOGY UNIT]:  ||  Dr. A.K. Segobye  ||  Dr. A.Tsheboeng  ||  Ms. C.Mooketsi  ||  Mr P.C. Thebe  ||  Dr S. Mothulatshipi  ||  Ms S. Merlo


Prof. A.M.Kanduza, Associate Professor in History and Head of Department Dip. Ed.(Kabwe),BA Ed & MA (Zambia), PhD. (Dalhousie), PDI Law (Zambia)

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Behavioural change and HIV/AIDS; Swaziland socio-economic change since 1931 & South Africa's economic hegemony since 1965.

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Prof. P.T. Mgadla, Associate Professor in History

A.T.C (Francistown), BA+CCE (UBS), MA & PhD (Boston).

TEACHING AREAS: Southern African history; history of education

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Political, educational and mission history in southern Africa with special reference to Botswana.

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Prof. Q. N. Parsons, BA (London), Dip. African Studies & PhD (Edinburgh) (Home page)

Professor of History

TEACHING AREAS: North American history; cinema history; military history

RESEARCH INTERESTS: 19th-20th century Botswana history & biography; Victorian & Edwardian Britain; African diaspora entertainers; history of popular entertainment.

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Prof. B.T. Mokopakgosi, Associate Professor in History

BA+C.D.E. (UBS), M.A.(Johns Hopkins) Ph.D.(SOAS)

TEACHING AREAS: European and World history; history of Namibia

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Mining and labour Issues in southern Africa, with special reference to Namibia.

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Dr B.S. Bennett, Senior Lecturer in History (Home page)

MA (Canterbury), PhD (Cambridge)

TEACHING AREAS: European history; Commonwealth history; history of religion

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Modern British politics; religious history; colonial Botswana; New Zealand; the British empire.

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Dr. R.K.K. Molefi, Lecturer in History

BA (UB), MA & PhD (Dalhousie)

TEACHING AREAS: Research methods; environmental history

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Medical history of Botswana, especially epidemics and nutrition; southern African sports history; eastern African ecology

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Dr. W.G Morapedi, Lecturer in History

BA, PGDE (UB) MA & PhD. (Essex)

TEACHING AREAS: Central African history; Latin American history; agrarian history

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Comparative agrarian and peasant studies in Africa and Latin America, with special reference to Botswana and Mexico.

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Dr. M.M. Bolaane, Lecturer in History

DSE, BEd, (UB) MA (SOAS, London), DPhil (Oxford)

TEACHING AREAS: East African history; environmental history

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Pastoralism and development in eastern Africa; colonial policies and land use in East Africa; Gender studies and education.

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Mr. G.B. Barei, Lecturer in History

BA, PGDE (UB), MA & MPhil (SOAS, London)

TEACHING AREAS: North African history; labour history

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Political history of Botswana and contemporary chieftainship in Botswana; nationalism and Islam in North Africa; labour movements in Algeria and Tunisia.

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Dr. C.J. Makgala, Lecturer in History (Home page)

BA, PGDE (UB), MPhil & PhD (Cambridge)

TEACHING AREAS: African diaspora history; administrative history

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Indirect rule & public opinion, race & tribal relations, democracy & partisan politics, intra-political elite conflict in Botswana; NAMPAADD, refugees & illegal immigrants in Botswana & South Africa; witchcraft and magic;

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Mr. G.B. Gumbo, Lecturer in History


TEACHING AREAS: Economic history; tourism studies

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Peasantry in Botswana especially and Third World in general, history of tourism, and modern world economic concerns.


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Dr. A.K. Segobye, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology

BA & PGDE (Botswana), MPhil & PhD (Cambridge)

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Farming communities in Southern Africa; settlement patters & land use in prehistoric Botswana; Archaeology & public education

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Dr. A. Tsheboeng, BA (UB), MA (York), PhD (London) Lecturer in Archaeology

TEACHING AREAS: Heritage Resource Management, Quantitative techniques & Geoarchaeology

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Late farming communities human responses and contribution to environmental change in the Shashe-Limpopo basin & Heritage tourism.

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Ms. C. Mooketsi, BA & PGDE (UB), MPhil (Bergen) Lecturer in Archaeology

TEACHING AREAS: Stone Age; faunal analysis

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Bioarchaeology, palaeo-faunal record of Botswana and Southern Africa.

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Mr P.C. Thebe, BA (UB, Gaborone) M.A. (UT, Austin), Lecturer in Archaeology

TEACHING AREAS: Environmental Archaeology, Quantitative Techniques in Archaeology, African Archaeology, Archaeology of Botswana, Lithics

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Rock Art Socio-Politics; Microscopic Analysis of Lithics; Pragmatic history of San-speaking peoples and Culture and Customs of Botswana

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Dr S. Mothulatshipi, Lecturer in Archaeology BSc Hons (East Anglia), MSc (London), PhD (Edinburgh)

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Late Iron Age; human responses and environmental change in the Shashe-Limpopo basin and the Makgadikgadi environs; archaeological landscapes, land-use and human behaviour, Geoarchaeology.

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Ms. S. Merlo, Lecturer in Archaeology BA & MA (Padova), MPhil (Cambridge)

RESEARCH INTERESTS: GIS and Remote Sensing applications; landscape archaeology; Saharan archaeology; theories of archaeological representation

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