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Sol Plaatje,
Native Life in South Africa

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[Introduction etc.]
        (A)     Who is the Author?
        (B)     Prologue
Chapter I       A Retrospect
Chapter II      The Grim Struggle between Right and Wrong,
                  and the Latter Carries the Day
Chapter III     The Natives' Land Act
Chapter IV      One Night with the Fugitives
Chapter V       Another Night with the Sufferers
Chapter VI      Our Indebtedness to White Women
Chapter VII     Persecution of Coloured Women in the Orange Free State
Chapter VIII    At Thaba Ncho:  A Secretarial Fiasco
Chapter IX      The Fateful 13
Chapter X       Dr. Abdurahman, President of the A.P.O. /
                  Dr. A. Abdurahman, M.P.C.
Chapter XI      The Natives' Land Act in Cape Colony
Chapter XII     The Passing of Cape Ideals
Chapter XIII    Mr. Tengo-Jabavu, the Pioneer Native Pressman
Chapter XIV     The Native Congress and the Union Government
Chapter XV      The Kimberley Congress / The Kimberley Conference
Chapter XVI     The Appeal for Imperial Protection
Chapter XVII    The London Press and the Natives' Land Act
Chapter XVIII   The P.S.A. and Brotherhoods
Chapter XIX     Armed Natives in the South African War
Chapter XX      The South African Races and the European War
Chapter XXI     Coloured People's Help Rejected / The Offer of Assistance
                  by the South African Coloured Races Rejected
Chapter XXII    The South African Boers and the European War
Chapter XXIII   The Boer Rebellion
Chapter XXIV    Piet Grobler
                Report of the Lands Commission

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