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Kachere is the publishing arm of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Malawi (Chancellor College, Zomba). Although religion is the central interest of Kachere, many of their publications are of interest to historians and political scholars.

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Kachere Series: Additions to the 1999 Catalogue

Africa for the African by Joseph Booth (edited by Laura Perry).

Missionaries have regularly been accused of supporting colonialism and all its abuses. If that is true, the author of this book is a big exception. Booth never shared the attitudes of racial superiority so widespread among European settlers. This text was published in America in 1897, criticizing the abuses and excesses of colonialism. 114pp $7

Faith at the Frontiers of Knowledge edited by Kenneth R. Ross.

Unity of knowledge is not easily achieved in today's Africa where often there is little conscious interaction between traditional beliefs, Christian faith and modern secularity. The challenge is taken up in this book as scholars from a variety of disciplines wrestle with the relation of faith and science at the frontiers of knowledge. 240pp $18

Here Comes Your King! By Kenneth R. Ross.

A collection of essays on Christology and Ecclesiology in Malawi. Christ, Church and the Nation is a fitting subtitle to this book. The identity of the Church and the Church's engagement with the state are based on the proper understanding of Jesus Christ and the implications of following him as King. This study is specific to Malawi but its implications will certainly have a great impact on the wider Christological debate in Africa and abroad. 200pp $14

Religion in Malawi: An Annotated Bibliography edited by J.C. Chakanza and Kenneth R. Ross.

This first edition attempts to be a complete list of all books and articles on the subject, excluding no field of religion. Each entry has a short annotation to help the reader locate more easily those publications of interest to them. 160pp $12

Buku Loyera: An Introduction to the New Chichewa Translation by Ernst Wendland.

This book is a commentary on the new Chichewa Bible. Wendland offers insights into the formation of the translation team, the stages of their work over the years and the struggles they faced in their attempt to create a contemporary translation of the Bible into Chichewa, equally true to the original and to today's language. 224pp $15

Voices of Preachers in Protest: The Ministry of Two Malawian Prophets: Elliot Kamwana and Wilfrid Gudu by J.C. Chakanza.

Ever since the modern state of Malawi came into existence more than a hundred years ago, religion has played its role in the history of the country, and has interacted with politics and society in many ways. This book presents two preachers, Elliot Kamwana and Wilfred Gudu, who, in their different ways and at different times, challenged British colonial power which ruled over Malawi at that time. c.120pp $10

Essential and Paramount Reasons for Working Independently by Yesaya Zerenji Mwasi.

This text, first published in the second publication of Sources for the Study of Religion in Malawi which began in 1979 set the theological and ecclesiological agenda for the Christian churches in Malawi for much of the twentieth century. Although The Blackman's Church, founded by Mwasi, has never expanded far beyond the base which he laid, the theological vision found in this text has been adopted in one form or another by almost all the churches in Malawi. 32pp $3

When Maize and Tobacco are not Enough: A Church Study of Malawi's Agro-Economy edited by Peggy Owens (reprint).

This text, first published in 1997, is an attempt by a church group to analyze in depth the economic problems besetting Malawi and impoverishing the great majority of her people. The study does not shrink from engagement with the complexities of the economic constraints under which Malawians must live their lives. In 1999, the problems facing Malawi are still as acute as in 1997. One will find a useful introduction to Malawi's debt situation in this text, a contribution by people in Scotland to the process of trying to find a way to help Malawi face the future. 64pp $5

Doing Theology at the Grassroots: Theological Essays from Malawi by Patrick A. Kalilombe.

Patrick Kalilombe has been distinguished for more than twenty-five years as a pioneering theologian and ecclesiologist. The chapters though varied, have recurrent themes: the author's missionary vocation, the critical role of the "grassroots" in theological construction, the integrity of Chewa traditional belief, the combination of Catholic commitment with radical openness to all religious and cultural traditions. Throughout the book is a series of photographs which lead progressively through the events of Bishop Kalilombe's 25th Jubilee celebration at Mua in 1997. 244pp at printers

Sangaya: A Leader in the Synod of Blantyre Church of Central Africa Presbyterian by Silas S. Ncozana (revised second edition).

Possibly the outstanding Malawian church leader of the 1960s and 1970s was the Very Reverend Jonathan Sangaya, General Secretary of the CCAP Synod of Blantyre. To him fell the task of guiding his church into the post-missionary era and his dynamic leadership was a major factor in the success with which that transition was completed. This vivid biography enables the reader to appreciate the remarkable qualities of Sangaya and offers many insights into the history of church and society during his lifetime. First published in 1996, we are now pleased to present this fully revised second edition, featuring not only many photographs, but also new chapters, covering many new areas of Sangaya's life. 76 pp. $

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