Museum publishes Catalogue of the Bessie Head Papers

Bessie Head's thousands of letters and other documents are stored in the Khama III Memorial Museum in Serowe. In June 2007, the Museum published a 500-page Catalogue of the Bessie Head Papers, in two ring-bound volumes and on CD-ROM.

Recently opened – The Bessie Head Room
The Khama III Memorial Museum has opened a permanent exhibit devoted to Bessie Head, including a replica of the bedroom/office where she wrote some of her greatest books and stories. Take a tour of the Bessie Head Room
Bessie's typewriter in the BH Room The Museum's reading room

How Can We Travel to the Khama III Memorial Museum?

The Khama Museum is located on the northwest side of Serowe's central hill, a few metres uphill from the striking historical landmark, Thataganyane Rock. The first LMS church stands nearby, as do the ruins of the missionaries' houses.

To reach Serowe, one must travel by road: bus, kombi, or car. At the central mall take the tarred road leading north to Orapa. Proceed 300 metres and turn right at the sign for the Museum. There is an entry fee of P10 for adults, P5 for children, and P20 if you are a non-citizen of Botswana.

You may contact the Museum by all of the following methods:

Khama III Memorial Museum
Private Bag 008
phone  (+267) 463 0519
fax      (+267) 463 1990
email   <>
Enjoy your time here. And remember that on the Museum's opening day in 1985, the very first guest to sign the Visitors' Book was Bessie Head. She wrote that the Museum had a great future — and so it has had!

There are now a number of links to and from the Museum and the Bessie Head Papers. Here is a current list of them, all of them in PDF format:

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Publisher's Page from the Bessie Head Catalogue
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