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It is now possible to study for a PhD in History or Archaeology at the University of Botswana! Many students study Botswana topics at universities abroad, and travel here for research - and we are always glad to see them. But there is now also the option of being based here and taking your Ph.D. in this rapidly-developing African university.

For official information, see the School of Graduate Studies pages on the main University of Botswana web-site. It should be checked with the School of Graduate Studies to make sure it is up to date.

The PhD programme

The M.Phil./ Ph.D. programme is governed by the University's General Regulations and the History Department's Special Regulations. Students enrol initially for the M.Phil., and are later transferred to the Ph.D. programme, assuming their research is progressing as it should. In the History Department, students will be admitted following assessment by the Department, and must present at least three seminar papers during the course of their study. Students may also be assigned appropriate coursework.

Under the General Regulations, the duration of the Ph.D. (full-time) is 3 years (minimum) to 6 years (maximum). (Part-time 4 years to 8 years.)

The programme is essentially after the British pattern which is often described as "by dissertation alone". The course-work component is a little more formalized than in the British model, but much less formalized than in the American model.

Foreign students may like to consider the fact that fees and living expenses are likely to be significantly lower here than at western universities.


For all official information, enquiries and applications, see the School of Graduate Studies pages For academic enquiries about study in the History Department, contact the Head of Department or an appropriate member of the department (see the Contact Page). The History Department's regulations for PhD study can be found on the courses page.

About the University and life in Botswana

You will find some information on this site. See e.g. our pages on "About UB, Gaborone and Botswana" Botswana is peaceful, democratic, and safe (crime exists but is at western, not South African levels). Gaborone is free from malaria. Botswana has been building itself up patiently for years. We think it's a great place to be.

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