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HIS 432: American History (Industrialisation and Expansion in Modern North America)

2016/17, Second semester

Optional course, 3 credits. Lecturer: Prof. R. F. Morton

The African-American Experience is used to interpret recent US history (HIS 432 Industrialisation and Expansion in Modern North America). Major themes include: the abolition of slavery, black organisations and institutions, the fight against segregation, intellectual and artistic contributions, the Civil Rights Movement (1940s-1960s), and the rise of black political figures culminating in the presidency of Barak Obama. This is a discussion-based course open to all students at the 3rd and 4th-year levels in all disciplines. It meets once a week for two hours, seminar style, and discusses readings, texts, and images. Audio-visual material is used to illustrate key moments, personalities, and challenges.