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Avoiding e-mail attachments
Description: [No description]
Headings: Avoiding email attachments; Email and attachments; When to use an attachment.; Word-processed documents as attachments; What to do instead:; If you must send a Word attachment:; How to save in RTF format:; To summarize:; HTML email
Miscellaneous computer stuff
Description: How to speed up browsing, and other tips
Headings: Miscellaneous computer stuff; Speed up your browsing:; Switch off images; To switch off images:; To show images:; Open links in new window:; What is "right-clicking"?; Finding things in large pages; Translation; How good is the translation?; Getting IP addresses:; To find your own machine's IP address:; Getting the IP address of a remote machine; Setting a home page for your browser; Making a home page on your hard drive; Start page
How to switch off bad features in MS Word
Description: Switching off autoformatting, disabling macros, etc - how to stop Word doing the bad things it often seems to want to
Headings: How to switch off bad features of MS Word; How to switch off Autoformatting; Getting rid of bad and excessive formatting; Footnotes:; To disable macros:; Word 97; Word 2000:; Macros in MS Excel
Using MS Outlook for UB email
Description: How to set up Personal Folders on your own hard drive, and how to access UB email at home: advice for users of the University of Botswana email system
Headings: Using MS Outlook for UB email; How to set up Personal Folders on your own hard drive; How to read UB email at home
UB History: computer services: Viruses
Description: Information on viruses, virus hoaxes, chain letters etc.
Headings: Viruses, etc.; Viruses; Macro viruses; Worm.ExploreZip; Backing up; Virus hoaxes; Chain letters; Scams
Viruses and attachments: new dangers
Description: [No description]
Headings: Viruses and attachments; Viruses and email attachments
UB History: computer services: Viruses: general advice on avoiding
Description: Information on how to avoid viruses
Headings: Viruses, etc.

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