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Unless otherwise stated, textual material on the Schapera Project web-site may be reproduced freely, electronically or in print, provided:

  1. that full acknowledgement of the source is made
  2. that the use is not for profit

"Full acknowledgment of the source" means that all of the following should be given:

For example, if you wish to reproduce Suzette Heald's bibliography, something like the following needs to appear:

(From Suzette Heald, Isaac Schapera: A Bibliography, Schapera Project web-site, <>)

For images, see the copyright and/or source notes on particular pages for information.

The copyright holder will normally be indicated at the end of each page. In all cases, including where copyright is given as "Schapera Project"or "University of Botswana History Department", etc., the actual author reserves full rights to reproduce or re-use his or her own material.

For further discussion of the citation of electronic sources, see UB History Dept's page on citation of electronic sources.

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